Orthorexia- Are you obsessed with healthy eating?

Orthorexia is a condition in which a person has a toxic obsession with eating “healthy” food. The healthy food which the patients consider are not actually healthy in the right sense of the word. The patients also avoid specific foods which their minds believe to be as harmful. This disorder brings huge disturbance in one’s life. It causes a strain on social life as well. People with this disorder cannot spend pleasant time in social gatherings as they look down upon others not following eating habits as theirs. They may become socially isolated due to this reason. Orthorexia is a disorder that has the tendency to go unnoticed by people. The reason is because so many societal figures such as the media, doctors and researchers make “healthy dieting” their focal point, not to mention that they keep changing its definition as well.

The patients of orthorexia have the same behaviors and similar psychological traits as to the patients suffering from other eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Sufferers of orthorexia prefer having a perfect diet over an ideal weight. They will reject eating anything which contains anything they consider impure such as preservatives, artificial colors or pesticides. While it is common knowledge that a lot of people follow this approach, patients of orthorexia take their diet in an exaggerated way.

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