Hair Care Tips to Follow

Hair care is very important for all individuals as they are exposed to the environment at all times and can get damaged easily if not taken care of. Hair care is also considered and incorporated in overall hygiene. However, mere washing of the hair is not enough. The proper grooming and selection of hair products is also essential for the health of hair.

Hair Care Tips:

1- While a lot of people prefer using steaming hot water in their showers, it is very harmful for both hair and skin. Using hot water extracts the hair’s original oils permanently which leaves the hair feeling very dry and brittle. Therefore, instead of scaling hot temperature, lukewarm water should be used in showers.

2- There is hardly anyone these days that don’t use a conditioner. But just using it does not mean that everything is set. The application of conditioner on hair is an art. It should never be applied on the roots as it weighs down the hair. It should be only placed from the mid-length to tips. Conditioner can also be evenly distributed through the hair with the help of a wide tooth comb.

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