4 minutes of training more effective than 1 hour of cardio

This is not because it does not last long and it is Japanese that it is inevitably kawaii Indeed, the Tabata method is

an extreme and intense version of interval training (HIIT) adopted, especially in Cross Training.

Tabata training lasts only 4 minutes and can do much more for your health and fitness than 1 full hour of cardio or

any other HIIT exercise.

The Tabata Protocol

The method was developed in the laboratory by Professor Izumi Tabata of the National Institute of Fitness and

Sports in Japan and successfully tested on the athletes of the Japanese Olympic Speed ​​Skating Team.

The Tabata method is 20 seconds of intensive exercise followed by 10 seconds of recovery, repeat 8 times for a total

workout of 4 minutes.

Apart from the timing, the only rule to ensure the best effect is maximum intensity.

Professor Tabata recalls “if you feel good just after a session, it’s because you have not done well”, this is the kind of

intensity that you must achieve during training.

Results of the Tabata method

Izumi Tabata has shown that his method is more effective, more effective and improves cardiovascular capacity

more than 1 hour of moderate exercise1 or another more intensive HIIT exercise with longer recovery periods.

Very short intervals of recovery force the body to keep moving even though it has not recovered from the previous


After 6 weeks of training 5 days a week, people improved their anaerobic capacity by 28% and VO² max (aerobic) by


while people who did 1 hour of cycling 5 times a week improved their anaerobic capacity by 0% and VO²max by 10%


The second beneficial effect of the Tabata method is that you continue to burn calories during the hours following the training.

The practice of Tabata reduces the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.

4 reasons to use the Tabata method 

Save time and maximize it: you can train even if you do not have a lot of time (difficult not to find a few minutes in your schedule) effective for weight loss and stimulate the metabolism:

you burn more calories, longer and even burn them after the workout.

Improves your fitness level and your health: improved cardiovascular capacity3 and reduced risk of diabetes. It allows you to train everywhere: at home, at the hotel, on holidays…

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