Pilates Vs Yoga – What’s The Difference?

Pilates Vs Yoga – What’s The Difference?

What’s The Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

To begin with, both types of exercise are a very natural form of exercise for both and mind, and it would appear, especially recently, many more people seem to be involved in one sort of Pilates workout or another. A Pilates workout can take the form of classes or just done at your leisure and pace in the comfort of your house.
Both a Pilates workout and Yoga session one have similar traits but let me tell you the most differences.

Firstly Yoga as a form of exercise has been around for a very long time now. In fact, it actually dates back to almost five thousand years when it emerged in India. It is not just a workout; it emphasizes both mind and body, meditation, maintaining a proper healthy diet as well as breathing techniques.

In comparison, Pilates, a way newer sort of exercise, has been in existence for about 80 years now, invented by a person called Joseph Pilates. Though it has certain similarities to some Yoga techniques, its main aim is to help condition the entire body. This form of exercise strengthens the muscles, thereby developing core strength into everyday movements that typically form your day-to-day life, without you even being consciously aware of it.
Yoga also involves core strength to a degree. However, its principles are more based on stretch and flexibility and less perhaps on the day-to-day body movements. Its focus is more on the inner body and more spiritual in its application.

What’s The Difference Between Pilates and Yoga Breathing?

Both a Pilates workout and a Yoga session focuses on breathing and movement at an equivalent time. Pilates is more inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Yoga, on the other hand, is more inhaling and exhaling through your nose.
Ideally, it would help if you determined what exactly it is you want to achieve from your workout. Do you want more stress management? If so, I would suggest Yoga. However, if you are looking to burn more calories, I would recommend a good Pilates workout, the choice is yours.

Which Burns More Calories Pilates or Yoga?

Generally speaking, during a Pilates workout, you may burn between 170-370 depending on the exercises done, whereas with a Yoga workout, the calorie burn is more likely to be about 140-250 calories. Either way, they are both excellent workouts that will improve both flexibilities and achieve the right muscle tone in the process.

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