Cucumber is a flagship product for beauty treatments. Easy and cheap: what more can you ask for? In this article we will follow the advice of Dr. Amelie Michel, aromatherapist and specialist of natural products, to incorporate cucumber in our daily beauty routine.

Women tend to spend small fortunes on beauty products with promising virtues. Unfortunately, the disappointment is often at the rendezvous, the results are not always up to their expectations. Not to mention that the substances used in the compositions are sometimes chemical and harmful to health. To avoid these disappointments, why not turn to natural, organic, effective and much less expensive products such as cucumber masks, lotions, scrubs… it will become your best beauty ally.

1. The homemade cucumber facial lotion

Making lotion and facial milk is a lot easier than you think. It will only take a few minutes to make this product natural and excellent for your skin. Cucumber has many virtues, and in this case, it helps to tighten the pores of your skin:

“Cucumber has been used in cosmetics since the dawn of time! It is excellent for the skin and helps to make it smoother and brighter.”

To create your homemade lotion:

Peel the cucumber.

Soak in water for about twenty minutes, so that the cucumber is very wet.

Filter the water and put it in a bottle. The lotion is ready! You can use it every night to clean your skin. The results will be visible after two to three months if you use it regularly.

2. Cucumber and essential oil of lavender mask

Here is another economical solution and very easy to do. To make this recipe, you need a cucumber, organic yoghurt and lavender essential oil.

“Women tend to forget that they have everything they need in their kitchen, and that these products can be very useful in their daily beauty routine.” The cucumber or yogurt are easy to use, and the results are often surprising! ”

Peel and seed the cucumber, then mash it.

Mix the resulting pulp with half a tub of plain yogurt, and add the two drops of essential oil.

Put this mask on your face for about fifteen minutes. Be careful not to get too close to the eyes. Then rinse with warm water, simply. You can do this mask once a week, the results will be visible after a few weeks.

3. Cucumber ice cubes against dark circles

Some women are extremely complexed by the light puffiness and dark circles under their eyes. This is a recurring problem that is not easy to get rid of. If this is your case, try this recipe of cucumber ice cubes.

“Cucumbers have radical decongestant properties, and ice cubes can deflate, so combining the two can have a dramatic effect!”

Mix a cucumber after peeling and deseeding

Add a little water, and dispose of this solution in your ice bin.

Unmould one and put it in a tissue, then gently and gently massage the eye area. You can repeat this operation once or twice a week.

4. Cucumber scrub against cellulite

There are different cucumber scrub recipes. But as summer approaches, many people want to reduce cellulite. Here is a recipe to reduce orange peel skin. You will need a cucumber and ground coffee.

“The combination of cucumber and ground coffee is formidable against cellulite, however, women often lack patience when they do not notice an immediate effect! Patience is required to get a result.”

Mix a cucumber

Add three tablespoons of ground coffee.

Massage the areas marked by cellulite. The ideal is to massage the area for five minutes, just before a shower (not too hot!). It is possible to do this scrub two to three times a week in the long term. You will have to wait four to five months to see the first effects.

Cucumber is an inexpensive fruit that has other uses than tasting in a summer salad! Remember that it can be a valuable ally in your beauty routine. On the other hand, do not be in a hurry and be regular in your ritual: this is how you will get good results!

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