After a long day, nothing is more satisfying than slipping into bed and joining the arms of Morpheus. From time to time, sleep is slow yet to come. To avoid short nights and unpleasant mornings, here are 7 natural methods to fall asleep faster tonight.

1. Build a cozy room

Your bedroom is a cocoon in which your sleep blossoms. This room must be dedicated to rest. Therefore, its development must be in coordination with its mission. We must create a pleasant atmosphere. Declutter the room regularly so that you do not sleep in a congested space. Sleeping in a messy room does not encourage relaxation or sleep. If you do not like to tidy up, just buy special boxes to store all the small objects that are usually spread on the ground.

Air your room at least twice a day (morning and at the end of the day). All night, you exhale carbon dioxide, so you have to renew the air to enjoy a healthy environment. Opening the window for 5 minutes will also refresh the atmosphere of the room in which you sleep. In winter, if you fear the cold weather, ventilate your room while taking a shower or taking out the trash.

2. Get to know your sleep pattern

Chronobiology is a scientific discipline that serves to better understand the organization of sleep. The resulting studies have allowed us to better understand the activities of our body during the night. Thus, biologists have analyzed the suprachiasmatic nucleus, located in the brain, which orchestrates our functions. These follow a rhythm throughout sleep. To sleep well, we must identify what is called the biological clock.

If your sleep occurs at a variety of times, your nights are often disturbed, you are never rested, it means that your pace of life is disordered. In this case, you simply have to restore coherence to your biological clock. Impose a set bedtime every night. Even if at first you struggle to sleep, after several days it will be systematic. Your brain will be used to resting at a specific time. Also look for a position to relax (on the side, on the back, alone or in pairs). Do not be agitated if sleep does not occur immediately. Take the time to clear your mind and enjoy the comfort of your bed.

3. Adapt your diet

Many insomnia factors are due to diet. When certain nutrients should be left behind, others are to be consumed since they promote restful sleep.

4. Adopt natural anti-insomnia reflexes

Medicinal plants come in many forms: capsules, ampoules, and mother tinctures. However, the good old herbal tea remains effective if you want to naturally overcome the problems of sleep.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and powerful, they are to be used with care. One to two drops is enough if you want to feel their effects. Avoid using them in pure form on the skin or in the bath. By taking these tips into account, essential oils will become your nocturnal allies.

5. Avoid excitants

You are not always aware of it, but certain objects or activities are enemies of sleep. Sometimes they are even next to your headboard. The first enemy is light. Many awakenings in the middle of the night are due to too much light in the room. Install dark colored curtains in front of your windows. The best is to have a blind that blocks any passage of light. You can leave a little light if you do not like to sleep in the dark. Sound can also be a factor of insomnia. If you live in a noisy environment, you can equip your room with double glazing. If this is not possible, simple earplugs are effective and less expensive.

Turn off phones, TVs or any other electronic screens before going to bed. They are real disrupters of sleep! These devices contribute to electromagnetic pollution by emitting waves that stimulate your brain. Read a book or draw: The goal is to practice a relaxing activity that helps your body relax. Also, avoid exercising less than two hours before going to sleep. Choose yoga, meditation or breathing exercises.

6. Inhale, exhale

Inspired by sophrology exercises, Dodow is a luminous metronome that teaches you how to relax before you reach the arms of Morpheus. This small rounded object is placed next to your bed. You must synchronize your breathing with the movement of the light beams projected on the ceiling. This concentration helps to slow down your flow of thoughts. Thus, Dodow draws your brain’s attention to a less exciting activity than a TV match or your Facebook news feed. It guarantees you to fall asleep between 8 and 20 minutes, 2.5 times faster than usual.

7. Keep your life cool

Most of the time, sleep disorders are linked to a decline in morale. Do not settle into a routine after work. The days are devoted to your work so enjoy your evenings and have fun. Go out to a restaurant with your friends, go for a walk with your family or sign up for a book club. Simply enjoy your free time. Be careful not to party every night otherwise essential oils or herbal teas cannot do anything to help you sleep.

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