10 Foods to Use in Your Beauty Routine

The kitchen turns out to be a real cavern filled with treasures. The foods found there have natural properties that can be substituted for industrial cosmetics. Hair care, skin scrubs, cleansing lotions, these industrial cosmetics contain chemical elements, endocrine disruptors (phthalates, parabens, triclosan and oxybenzone) and even plastic microbeads harmful to humans and the environment. […]

10 Oils You Should Start Using in Your Beauty Routine

Used since the dawn of time, vegetable oils have many beneficial properties. Thanks to their vitamins and multiple agents, they are used in cosmetics in creams, masks or balms. Here is our selection of 10 vegetable oils with surprising virtues for your beauty. 1. Sweet almond oil The sweet almond comes from the almond which […]

4 Homemade Cucumber Recipes for Your Beauty Routine

Cucumber is a flagship product for beauty treatments.¬†Easy and cheap: what more can you ask for? In this article we will follow the advice of Dr. Amelie Michel, aromatherapist and specialist of natural products, to incorporate cucumber in our daily beauty routine. Women tend to spend small fortunes on beauty products with promising virtues. Unfortunately, […]

10 Natural Tips to Replace Commercial Cosmetics

Plastic, paraben, allergens, commercial cosmetics can be harmful to our health, in addition to being expensive. It is possible to replace them in a jiffy by turning to natural products, plants and even foods found in the kitchen. Discover 10 natural tips to adopt in your beauty routine. 1. The makeup remover Organic make-up removers […]

4 Homemade Natural Scrub Recipes

Like removing make-up and moisturizing the skin, a scrub is part of our beauty routine. Exfoliating the skin of the face or body facilitates a brighter complexion and softer skin. To make your homemade scrub, you just need to find the ingredients in your kitchen. This treatment consists in eliminating the dead cells on the […]

10 Foods That Promote Tanning

With the rays of the sun that have been shy this year, our tan is far from golden. So to perfect your tan and look good, we can use foods that help to give our skin a nice caramel color. Here are 10 of them: 1. The carrot Carrot is the queen of tanning foods. […]