How to Stop Overeating- 7 Ways to Put Down Your Fork

How to Stop Overeating- 7 Ways to Put Down Your Fork

Overeating is the intake or the consumption of food which is more than required for the proper functioning of a body. People who overeat tend to ingest calories especially leading to a gain of weight. People tend to overeat due to emotional or psychological reasons such as stress, depression and anxiety. Portion control is a crucial part of well-being which is absent in people who overeat as they have little or no self-control on their diet. Overeating may give rise to chronic illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes. It is important to note that overeating is not an illness or a medical condition but a habit that’s hard to break.

Ways to Stop Overeating

1- Knowing which food items are your weakness and which items you eat for your guilty pleasures is important to know so that one can identify and remember which foods one should stay away from. After recognizing those food items, a person should stop buying it altogether. However, a treat sometimes should be allowed as a strict diet can lead to binge eating as well.

2- Container food items such as chips from a bag or ice cream from a carton are addictive to eat and hard to put down. Therefore, in the matter of container foods, one should eat only a single serving size at a time to lessen the calories.

3- As stress is one of the leading factors to overeating, healthy coping mechanisms should be initiated to reduce stress such as painting, gardening or doing yoga.

4- Mindful eating is a practice which indulges a person in his/her current state of thoughts and emotions so that the person can be fully aware of his eating. This practice reduces overeating effectively. It’s important to notice that unlike in the conscious mindful eating, a person who overeats has no idea of what he is thinking or feeling and is only obsessed with eating as much as he possibly can. Therefore, being conscious of one feeding himself is an ideal precautionary measure to keep one away from overeating.

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