How to stay looking young naturally

How to stay looking young naturally

In this present age, the pressure to not look older keeps increasing. Almost all women dread ageing and are always in the lookout for finding the solution to get rid of aging symptoms such as wrinkles, calloused hands and grey hair. Most of this pressure comes from other women. Women of all ages put other women down for their appearances. For instance, teenage girls blatantly criticize about other girl’s weights. This peer pressure insists older women to scrutinize all finer details of their faces. The celebrity culture and cosmetic industries don’t help much either.

Tips to look younger:

1- Stress is the first and foremost factor in ageing. It even accelerates the ageing process or starts early if one has stress. Stress not only causes mental but also physical damage to the body. Whenever we take stress, the hormones adrenaline and cortisol are produced in abundance which speed up the heart rate and cause the blood pressure to rise higher. The heavy doses of these hormones affect us physically and mentally. The best way to reduce stress is to meditate and do yoga which focuses on mindful breathing.

2- The kind of diet we intake also has effects on our appearances. Experts urge us to consume healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids as it makes our mood stable and regulates the bone strength. It also diminishes the ageing symptoms by lowering the inflammation in the body. Healthy fats are also useful in drawing out collected fat from hips and other places and use it as energy for important purposes. These fats also keep the skin glowing.

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